If you suffer from hair loss and avoid looking in the mirror because of your increasing baldness, you may bestdatingsitesrating.com be glad to know treatment is available. Statistics show that 56 million people in the U.S. suffer from some amount of hair loss, while less than one million people worldwide seek treatment.

hair loss treatment

Start Treating Early

The common attitude is to try to hide the hair loss, especially if the person comes from a family of bald people. They assume it’s inevitable, and they try to disguise the condition with various methods:

  • Change the hairstyle to hide the thin areas on the head
  • Shave the entire head to look like baldness is deliberate
  • Wear caps or hats
  • Wear a wig or toupee

While all of these methods can hide the fact of hair loss, they won’t prevent the condition from continuing and growing worse.

Some treatments actually slow hair loss if you start early enough. For instance, Rogaine is an FDA-approved topical treatment that often has a low success rate with re-growing hair, but it is also beneficial with stopping further loss.

Hair transplants are more successful and require fewer treatments when done with mild or moderate hair loss.

Improved Self-Confidence

Men and women feel more self-conscious with thinning hair. They often lack the self-confidence they once had when they walked proud with a full head of hair. While you shouldn’t base your self-worth on how you look, your appearance is a primary part of who you are.

When a person feels good about how they look, they exude more confidence to others around them. They are more willing to try new things or take charge of situations.

People often look older with hair loss. This not only impacts them in everyday life, but it can hurt their career as well. Many managers and business owners overlook people they perceive as older for a younger applicant in new hires and promotions. While it is discrimination to base a hiring decision on age, it can happen under the guise of another reason.

If you lack confidence because of the way you look, you may be seen as lacking the skills or the personality necessary for the job. People who are concerned about their appearance can seem insecure or shy or even standoffish.

A Check on Health

While 95 percent of all hair loss is hereditary, the other 5 percent may be indicative of another condition. Some illnesses cause hair loss while medications or even vitamins or minerals can hamper normal hair growth.

A person may not be aware of these health problems unless they notice physical changes, such as unexplained hair loss. Anyone who begins losing more hair than normal should check with their doctor to make sure there isn’t an underlying cause.

No matter the cause, it’s important to deal with hair loss as early as possible before it gets worse. Like with any other problem, hiding never solves anything and only allows the situation to continue. Treatment is available and a person with hair loss should discuss the issue with their doctor.




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