Regardless of your financial capability, there are numerous factors you need to consider before making a vehicle purchase. Going for a car with an environmentally friendly engine does not only guarantee you long-term saving but will also improve your health. In some instances, you can be trapped in traffic jams, a case example being the hectic football traffic jams which happens occasionally. In such scenarios, you will be helplessly stuck in your car, making you prone to prolonged emission exposure depending on your engine type. Currently, there are several engine options to pick from which includes the fuel engine, electric engine, and the electric-fuel hybrid engine, with each having its pros and cons. Fuel engines produce CO2 emissions which can cause life-threatening respiratory problems. In the long-run, these emissions cause environmental hazards such as global warming posing health risks

In this regard, it is advisable to use electric engines since they have low environmental implications. These engines are also easy to restart, you don’t have to keep the engine running when stuck in traffic. Moreover, the engine produces minimal noise compared to fuel engines thus you will have eliminated the possibility of visual impairment due to noise pollution. However, despite the health benefits of this engine you should consider taking an online defensive driving course which will significantly lower your vehicle insurance rates. Below are the health benefits of electric car engines.

Lowers Air Pollution

The amount of air pollution caused by electric cars is significantly lower compared to that of diesel or petrol-powered vehicles. Since the EVs are charged using mains electricity the amount of greenhouse gas emission reduces significantly when recharging the car. When running, these engines produce zero emissions making evading air pollution which can lead to global warming.

Lowers Noise Pollution

When traveling around with your family, you will want to have a calm environment. A noisy engine affects both the passengers and other pedestrians. After prolonged exposure to these noises, you can develop hearing problems. Furthermore, communicating with other passengers can escalate to a shouting battle which spoils the mood inside the car. Fortunately, with an electric engine, you will enjoy a peaceful ride which makes your trip even more adventurous.

Protect you from lung Damage

Diesel and petrol engines can cause damage to your lungs due to fossil fuel combustion. The fumes emitted can cause respiratory conditions like bronchitis, emphysema, and pneumonia. In extreme cases, you can even have lung cancer which is life-threatening. On the other hand, an electric engine will not produce such emissions which guarantees your safety.

Accident Safety Improvements

Accidents can happen at any time, and the impact of the crash can cause the car to explode. This mainly affects the fuel powered vehicles whereby fuel leakages can cause unimaginable explosion once exposed to sparks. The good thing is that you are protected from such an eventuality if you are using an electric powered car. For electric vehicles, rescue missions can be made comprehensively without the fear of being caught up in a blast. Additionally, electric engines will give the car a low center of gravity preventing it from rolling over.

Electric engines have numerous health advantages compared to fuel engine making them the perfect choice. With an electric vehicle, you will not have to worry about transmission failure, or overheating engine. This can cause traffic menace especially traversing through routes bordering soccer stadiums where football traffic can be hectic. With an electric powered car, you can stop and restart your car easily when caught in a traffic snare which reduces the road incidences. To save on your acquisition cost consider enrolling for an online defensive driving course which will consequently lower your insurance rates.

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