Botox is now so popular that almost everyone has had it. People associate it with the fountain of youth, and it is no longer something attainable only by the rich and famous. Rather, people from all walks of life can now get superfast results with Botox. So what is the secret? How come this chemical works so well? And what about the risks?


What Are Botox Treatments in San Jose?

The first thing you have to understand is why you have wrinkles. Essentially, the face contains 52 individual muscles. Each of these overlaps with other ones and, because of this, it can be quite hard to pinpoint the individual muscles themselves. As we talk, laugh, frown, think and make various other expressions, the muscles contract and expand. As such, they move again and again, every day of our lives. At some point, the wrinkles start to form on our skin’s surface because of the constant movement of these muscles. Should the muscles not be able to move, no wrinkles would be visible either. However, if you stop the muscles from moving altogether, you also won’t be able to make any facial expressions.

How Can You Stop the Muscles from Moving and Still Have Expressions?

There are two main muscle types all over our body, being the voluntary and involuntary ones. The voluntary ones move when we tell them to. We do not have any control over the involuntary ones, however, and they move as and when necessary. What Botox does is stop the involuntary muscles from contracting.

Your body is made up of various chemical compounds and these ensure the brain receives electrical impulses, telling it to contract the facial muscles. If these electrical impulses, or neuron messages, cannot reach the brain, then the muscle won’t move either. As such, it is quite simple and basic science. All that is needed is to stop the neural pathways from communicating with your brain. When you go for Botox treatments in San Jose, that is exactly what will be done for you. Once the muscle stops contracting, the wrinkle disappears as well.

The difficulty is, however, that only a good physician is able to recognize which muscles are voluntary, and which muscles are involuntary. This is why Botox has also received a bad name, with people believing it can cause a “frozen” face. It is certainly true that this can happen, but only if Botox is injected in the voluntary muscles. While this will still leave your face completely free from wrinkles, it also means you will no longer be able to make facial expressions. This is why it is so important that you spend some time finding a properly qualified physician to deliver the treatment to you. Not only will they know exactly where the Botox should be injected, they will also refuse to give you more treatment than necessary. As such, with a good physician on your side, you will be able to achieve that youthful look.

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