Substance abuse has negative effects on a person’s life in many different ways. It affects you psychologically and physically. It causes pain in the people around you. People become addicted to certain drugs because they enjoy the way they feel when they are on the drugs. Your dopamine response makes you feel unnaturally good.  After a while, your brain will actually start to change. The neurons in your brain start to sense an excess of dopamine and start reducing the number of receptors or the production of dopamine. Now not only do you need a higher dose to feel good, but you also feel worse when not taking the drug.


Psychological Effects


Many users start taking a drug to reduce stress or pain. When they feel these triggers, they seek relief. They start associating the substance with relief and fail to seek out other, healthy coping mechanisms. As they become addicted, they become dependent on their drug to feel anything. The may feel lifeless or that their life lacks meaning or purpose when they are sober.


The have effectively altered their brain. They crave relief. They feel unable to function without the assistance of their drug of choice. They may experience wild mood swings, a decrease in everyday life pleasures, depression, paranoia, anxiety, violence and psychological tolerance to the drug.


Physical Effects


Physical effects vary depending on the substance being abused. Because drugs alter our brain functions, they also alter our perception of pleasure. Their brain has adapted to the floods of dopamine and serotonin during drug use. It depends on these highs. Sharing needles can lead to the contraction of HIV, hepatitis and other illnesses. Signs of drug use include kidney and liver damage, heart attacks, seizures, stroke and brain damages. These effects aren’t minor. Chasing a high could result in your death.


Seeking Treatment


Conquering a drug addiction and regaining your life is no easy task. It is important to remember what you are working towards. Focus on the negative effects of the drugs and resist fixating on the high. You will need help. You cannot do this alone. Understand that it will take more than willpower to overcome this disease.


It is essential to admit yourself to a quality rehabilitation center. They can help you survive and deal with the withdrawals you will ultimately face. Attend a facility that offers a longer 90-day treatment period. It takes more than just overcoming the addiction, you must also alter your lifestyle. You need to find ways to cope with stress in a healthy manner. Change your routine so you are less likely to encounter old triggers. You will have bouts of depression, resist the urge to return to your drug habits. Exercise has proven to improve a person’s mood by releasing endorphins. Do some light exercise or go for a walk outside. Give back to the world through volunteering. It is a great way to build self-esteem and self-worth.


You can overcome addiction to drugs. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

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