There are plenty of fitness classes in Dublin that are available all week long. Joining these types of classes help you to create the perfect exercise routine and target your problem areas, delivering fast results. An exercise class is the perfect way of getting in shape before you hit the beach or to use as part of an all year round fitness regime. Not all classes are suitable for everyone; you may find the intensity to be too much or the form of exercises not to your taste. To help you we’ve come up with a quick list of the top 5 classes that are hugely popular here in Ireland.

Working out at Bootcamp

Bootcamps have been around for a short time but they’re proving to be a big hit with gym members. This type of exercise class in Dublin combines resistance training with a cardiovascular workout, resulting in a class that brings results. During Bootcamp you’ll be guided through the circuit training style exercises.  You’ll burn plenty of calories as the Bootcamp brings the same results as strength training classes and cardiovascular workouts. This is a high intensity workout that is suited to those who want quick results in an energised atmosphere.

The Benefits of Yogalates

Yoga classes are found all over Dublin, but if you want to take up the new yogalates you’re better off going to This is a new exercise that opens your body and your mind. The benefits include increased flexibility, stimulation of your internal organs, toning muscles and detoxifying your body.  Yogalates is also an effective form of exercise to burn calories.

The Power of the Spin

Spinning classes are suitable for all fitness levels. There are classes designed for beginners and those with more experience. You’ll find the classes to be encouraging and motivating, as you ride on your bike through different terrain levels and also partaking in time trials and interval sessions.  There’s no need to feel intimidated, you push yourself as far as you can go. You will leave the classes feeling like you’ve had a hard work out and you’ll burn plenty of calories in a short time.

Fun on the Hydrorider

Another of the latest fitness trend is the Hydrorider fitness class. You’ll use the hydrorider, a bike that is used in the water, while you strength your lower and upper body. This class is ideally suited to anyone who suffers with problems with the back and knees as it’s a very low impact. You can enjoy this class if you’re post-rehab or if you’re training towards a higher goal.

Core Strength Classes for Everyone

Core training is a short class that works the back muscles in order to reduce the risks of straining your back. It works to stabilise your abdominal muscles and improves tone and strength. By attending this fitness class you’ll reduce the risks of injuries through exercise and tighten your bum and tummy.


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