What Should You Know About IVF?

Nowadays, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is something that a lot of couples consider in order to get money. A few years ago nobody knew much about the procedure, even if it did appear in 1978. We are still faced with various misconceptions that need to be dismissed and in order to help you do that, let us mention some facts that have to be understood.

What Should You Expect From IVF?

A suitable IVF clinic London facility will inject hormones so that multiple eggs can be produced by the women. This allows a test in order to see if egg retrieval is possible. Before this procedure takes place, medication can be used in order to improve egg development.

The IVF facility is going to offer specific instructions that have to be followed by the woman before the procedure is done. You have to be sure that you follow instructions. During the procedure, the woman will be mildly sedated or full anesthesia can be used.

After eggs are removed from the woman, they are mixed with the sperm of the partner in a strict clinic environment. Based on the clinic that you choose, a waiting period may be necessary so that the embryo reaches an advanced blastocyst stage. Then, it is transferred to the uterus of the woman. Pregnancy tests are performed around 2 weeks after the transfer to see if the operation was successful.

In the event that the sperm of the man is really low, IVF is combined with a procedure known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection. This is a procedure that sees sperm taken out of the sperm, sometimes right from testicles, and then inserted into the egg directly. As soon as a viable embryo will be produced, transfer happens as with the regular IVF procedure.

IVF Success Rate

The success rate for the IVF procedure is something that counts a lot at the end of the day and you need to realize that it can be influenced by many different factors. This includes infertility reason, the clinic that you choose to go to in order to get the procedure done and the age of the mother. Statistics highlight the fact that IVF is the most common assisted reproductive technology procedure that is performed at the moment. In fact, in US it is basically the only procedure considered since 99 percent of all the procedures done are IVF.

According to official statistics, pregnancy is successfully achieved in close to 30% of the cycles. Based on woman age, this can go up or drop. Age is highly important in this procedure. You should also realize that cycle percentage that result in a live birth is higher than 25%.

The success rate may not seem great at first glance but we need to realize that most couples resorting to IVF do so as the last option that is available, which is usually recommended by most doctors. We have to understand that it is really important to choose the services of a really good clinic and a highly experienced doctor. This counts since it dramatically increases the possibility of success.

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