The Truth About Food Starch – Not All Are Created Equal

Do you like to make pancakes in the morning for breakfast? You might want to sub in hi-maize resistant starch for extra nutritional value without compromising the taste. This ingredient is composed of two different types of starches. One is a slowly digestible starch, and the other is not digested by the small intestine. Both offer great health benefits to the body.


Glycemic Management


The hi-maize resistant starch is wonderful for individuals that are looking to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. When the ingredient is used in foods, it is a natural and effective way to improve insulin sensitivity. Hi-maize resistant starch can also decrease the insulin and glycemic response of foods when it is used in place of flour.


Weight Management


Hi-maize resistant starch is a great ingredient for people that are concerned with weight loss. The ingredient contains fewer calories than the alternative – flour. Hi-maize resistant starch is also very valuable to people’s diets when they are trying to lose weight. When people eat this ingredient, they often feel fuller. This feeling can last through the next day.


Digestive Health


A healthy digestive tract can result from eating hi-maize resistant starch. The ingredient has a bulking effect that helps promote bowel regularity. It also has prebiotic properties to help reduce the bacteria in the body.


No Compromises


When consumers change to hi-maize resistant starch, they do not make compromises with their food. Instead, they actually add health benefits into their life. The taste of their food does not change. Also, it is easy to switch from flour to high-maize resistant starch. People make bread with it, they bake with it, and they cook other foods using this ingredient. Even better, the ingredient is stable against yeast and acid.


Honeyville Grain is a great place to find this ingredient. You will love cooking healthy pancakes for breakfast using hi-maize resistant starch. Most people experience no side effects from this ingredient. Instead, they lead healthier and happier lives as a result. If you are not taking advantage of this healthy option, then make the switch today. You will be glad you did.

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