The Strangest Personal Injury Claims from 2014

Do you wonder which type of injuries are classified and determined as a personal injury? Here is a short list of some of the most unusual personal injury claims. These types of claims have hit the news headlines often in the last year because insurance prices have been increased due to a large variety of fake claims. However, among the cases that are fictitious, you’ll find still lots of authentic injury claims. If something serious happens to you and your not sure whether you can claim or not, check out claim websites online and personal injury in birmingham . For the rest of us who aren’t injured or thinking of making a claim; lets have a look at some of the stranger and funnier claims that have been made before!

Hot tub

A girl in her fitness centre’s hot tub endured an injury when she was drawn into the filter! This strangely enough injured her back and she put in a claim for it!


A guy riding on his scooter in a private estate and was hurt when a barrier ahead of him abruptly lowered and he hit the barrier and injured himself! He put in a claim for this injury because it certainly wasn’t his fault the barrier was lowered when he was driving through it!


As funny as it may sound, an elderly woman decided to put in a claim when the lift broke down in her local bongo hall. The woman was trapped for 15 minutes and claimed that it had caused her distress and injury!


Imagine decorating your bathroom and somehow slipping and injuring yourself so badly that you feel you need to put a claim in! Well, a middle-aged man from the USA did just that! Suffice to say he was not successful in his claim.


A guy was walking through the park on crutches after injuring his leg whilst dancing in a club. Unfortunately he fell in the park and caused injury to his other leg so he had to use a wheel chair for a short while!


The final funny claim story involves a man who was hurt when he was loading items into the heavy goods vehicle. Unfortunately, one of his work colleagues started to drive the vehicle and the man fell off and injured himself whilst damaging all the goods in the vehicle!

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