Florida is no stranger to letting the world know about their crazy men and the top 10 places to live in Florida. With #FloridaMan becoming a nationally recognized trending hashtag dedicated to the bizarre antics of Florida residents, it’s hard to remember what a healthy man living in Florida looks like. Especially when driving on the road.

Making role models out of the people trending under the #FloridaMan hashtag in your Twitter feed isn’t a healthy idea.

What is healthy is learning how to be a better person on the road, whether it’s through a Florida traffic school or not. Seeing an absurd car driving down the highway is always laughable. However, these wacky rides are never something that is regarded as healthy. Here’s how to have a healthy man’s ride in the state of Florida.

Declutter Your Car

Keeping your car clean is the best way to make people feel comfortable when stepping into your vehicle. They will also consider you a healthy man, when they see the interior of your car is healthy. Having a cluttered car full of items you’ve been stowing away is never a pretty sight.

Kind of like how one #FloridaMan stored stolen items in his car, which included an a few dead alligators. Yeah – a fewdead alligators.

A healthy man knows how to clean and organize his space. If you notice a buildup of mess in your backseat, perhaps it’s time to clean your car. You don’t want a dead alligator.

Make the Car Safe for Others

A healthy man knows how to make his guests feel safe. When you’re in the presence of someone who takes the time to make you feel comfortable, you notice. Double checking the quality of your seatbelts, airbags, tires, and brakes will ensure your car is operating at peak safety.

Also, make sure your passengers are in the car before you start driving. Unlike what happened to one #FloridaMan.

One man was seen gripping the hood of the car as it veered down a highway outside of Miami, Florida. After a domestic dispute, one Florida man found himself attached to a hood of a Mercedes. Safety is important. Also, if you’re angry, try to avoid driving.

Cooperate with Other Drivers

Defensive driving is a sign of a healthy man and his car. This act shows that he’s willing to share the road with others and cooperate with drivers. In doing so, he ensures the well-being of everyone. This is especially beneficial when working with authorities, such as the police or towing service.

Unlike what happened when one #FloridaMan was getting his car towed.

Instead of allowing the tow company to tow his rigged truck, one Florida man decided to drag the tow truck. This ended with the man damaging his vehicle and endangering the people around him. Essentially the antithesis of a healthy man. This probably goes without saying but remaining calm and collected shows that you’re a healthy human, too.

Have a Working AC

A working AC shows that you take the time to make sure your car is in peak condition. Florida can get hot during the summer. When you’re driving passengers around, they would like to have the AC working and not rely on open windows.

Which could have helped saved one #FloridaMan’s life when he was working on his vehicle.

One man was found dead with his head stuck in his car’s window. The man was found with his head trapped between the roof of his car and the top of his driver’s side window. This bizarre instance shows that you can never be too careful with your car. Also, the cause of death is still being speculated.

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