Taking Advantage of Technology to Save Lives

With more people living into their 80s and 90s than ever before, there’s a great need for home healthcare devices to keep seniors safe and healthy. Today’s technology has surpassed many expectations and proves to be a remarkable partner for seniors, especially those who live alone. Consider some of these technological marvels and add one to your loved one’s home to relieve daily worries.


In-Home Camera Systems

As WiFi becomes standard in many homes, family members are using it as a monitoring pathway. Small cameras placed throughout the home give loved ones a view of their senior relatives as the visuals pass on to remote handheld devices. Tablets and cellphones quickly pick up the home’s camera system as loved ones watch each room for any issues. If mom and dad are happily cooking in the kitchen, for instance, there’s no need to worry if they’re having a medical issue.


Instant Medical Information 

Healthcare and technology aren’t just limited to camera views. If seniors or loved ones have a concern about an ailment, the Internet provides accurate information at authoritative websites. They can read through university articles and reviews regarding strokes, for instance. Understanding the body gives seniors some control over their healthcare. If a medical issue seems to be worsening, they can get a better idea of their dilemma through online information. This information highway doesn’t replace a doctor’s recommendations, but helps people between appointments.


Digital Pill Reminders

It’s truly amazing that so many pills could be taken by just one person. If a loved one has a large pill quantity to take each day, make the reminding process easier. Digital pill reminders are quickly programmed to alert seniors or their caregivers of specific dosing times. Missing even one pill is detrimental to the person’s health. Without this technology, it takes considerable effort to remember medication, especially if seniors suffer from any mental issues.


Medical Alert Systems

Providing one of the strongest safety nets for seniors is medical alert systems. A bracelet or necklace with an embedded alert system allows seniors to contact help if they fall or can’t move. There’s no difficult buttons to push or codes to input. Press the large button for immediate help. A base station is included with all the same features. Most systems come with 24-hour monitoring to give loved ones peace-of-mind when they can’t physically be in the house. If a fall occurs, it’s critical to have immediate assistance to avoid any complications.


Subtle Sensors

A newer technology choice includes sensors throughout the home. Loved ones monitor mom and dad as they move throughout the home. Sensors on the backdoor, front door or refrigerator are possible. You’ll know how often they leave or return to the home. If the refrigerator door is wide open, you’ll know immediately that there’s an issue. These sensors are perfect for people who don’t want cameras throughout the space, but still want some level of monitoring. Loved ones feel more secure too as they go about their workday.

As technology continues to evolve, healthcare devices will probably become even more intuitive and helpful. Those visions of robots walking around the home may not be too far off as people innovate through engineering and seniors embrace technology as an independence pathway. Healthcare can only improve going forward.

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