So You Want to Stop Smoking?

Was your New Year’s resolution to stop smoking? Have you made that resolution before? Maybe a few times already? Many find the resolution to stop smoking too hard to follow through on. Nicotine is an addictive substance, and it can be hard to wean yourself off of it.

Electronic cigarettes may be the method that helps you break the addiction dependency once and for all. The most recommended strategy for weaning yourself off of nicotine with electronic cigarettes is to start with an eliquid that contains a moderate level of nicotine, usually 18mg. Once you are able to feel comfortable at that level, you begin a gradual reduction of the level of nicotine in the eliquid, till eventually you are vaping a nicotine free eliquid.

Once you are vaping nicotine free you can decide to completely stop any form of smoking, or continue vaping your electronic cigarette using only nicotine free eliquid. If you want to avoid reminders of tobacco you could use an eliquid in a totally new flavor; grape, vanilla or some other flavor.

Electronic cigarettes have become a popular choice for quitting smoking because they allow the user to eliminate the nicotine, but still enjoy cigarettes if they so choose. If smoking is a calming pleasure for you, or if you enjoy having the opportunity have a cigarette socially, you don’t have to give that up.

If you think that BLU electronic cigarettes may help you quit reach your goal of quitting smoking, the first step is to talk with your doctor. You want to make sure that you plan well and set yourself up for success. If your doctor has any issues with your health that concern him, you want to address those first. Once you get those things taken care of, you are ready to start getting yourself off of cigarettes.

Hey, you can have some fun with it too. If you want to try out a crazy color electronic cigarette, or a gourmet flavor of eliquid, or a drip tip or anything else to enhance your experience, go for it! Electronic cigarettes allow for lots of personal expression and creativity. The fashion aspect of it allows you to design an electronic cigarette that expresses your personal style by using some of the accessories that your favorite brand and website has to offer. You sure do have a lot of options.

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