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Rid Yourself From Surgery For Hemorrhoids _ Go NaturalHemorrhoids is a condition that involves the swelling of the varicose veins in the anus or rectum. It results from severe pressure when moving bowels, obesity, or pregnancy.


Hemorrhoids also results from the innate weakness of the vein walls. In majority of men, severe pressure in the rectal veins results from an erect posture. Aside from that, hemorrhoids is a consequence of extreme pressure due to constipation and over purgation. Latent hemorrhoids is a complication of dysentery. This is a common condition experienced by pregnant women.


A common symptom of hemorrhoids include inflamed or painful lumps, or a swollen anus. Often, this is due to extreme bleeding in the stool. In other instances, there is a discharge in the mucous, itchiness, and pain when moving bowels. In order to prevent any serious complications, the patient should seek medical attention when these manifestations are present.


In addition, hemorrhoids can likewise include pain and discomfort during bowel movement as well as an urge to empty out more bowels. In other instances, hemorrhoids is accompanied by bleeding in the anal region. When these symptoms are present for more than six weeks, the patient should seek medical advice from their doctor.


To keep the inflamed area clean, tap water should be used after moving bowels and dry it with a soft and clean tissue. This will help remove the itching in the swollen area.


Taking vitamin supplements such as horse extracts, gotu kola, flavonoids, witch hazel, psyllium, and vitamin c will likewise help in treating hemorrhoids. Since the condition is closely associated with constipation, consuming the right food will help ease hemorrhoids.


Taking fiber-rich food like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits is likewise a good way of preventing hemorrhoids. Aside from that, the patient should drink enough water and avoid spicy foods.


Psyllium husks is rich in fiber and can reduce the prevalence of constipation. It helps soften the stools and lower the pressure on piles caused by straining.


Another helpful method of treating hemorrhoids is wheatgrass juice. It helps improve digestion. On the other hand, greenjuice helps assimilate nutrients due to poor digestion.


Consuming extremely refined foods such as pies, pastries, rice, and white bread is a taboo. Alcoholic beverages should also be avoided because it will lead to small and dry tools. Finally, sugar-rich foods, dairy products, coffee, and animal protein.


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