Options For Infertility

If you are struggling with infertility, you have many treatment options available to you including IVF Colorado based.

One form of reproductive assistance is in vitro fertilization—or ivf Colorado based. This is a technique wherein the female’s eggs are harvested and then mixed with sperm in a dish and then transferred to the embryo within the uterus a few days after fertilization. This is a widely used method of combating infertility and can be decided upon between the male and the female. They should be given the right to choose whether or not they want to endure it. Some women want children to be happy or to make their husbands happy because they love them and love requires sacrifice. As such, they might sacrifice the negative side effects. Since there are daily hormone injections and blood tests required, it can eventually become very painful. As such, many are turning to acupuncture to alleviate or reduce the pain associated with this or the surgical options.

The uterine artery blood flow, morphology, and endometrial thickness are a necessary component to successfully implant human embryos, all of which are improved with the use of acupuncture. This is a problem associated with the female body. Optimizing pregnancy rates is done through the use of adequate endometrial thickness—a vital component to the uterine artery blood flow. Acupuncture has been shown to reduce any impedance to the uterine artery and as such, increase any flow of blood to the uterus. Yet again, in response to the feminist perspective, if a woman wants to have a baby, but she is experiencing this problem, then she should be allowed the freedom to choose the reproductive technology which fixes it. It is not a matter of causing harm to the male body just to get “even” because this particular female body does not work properly. If the male body were the body which did not work properly, then he would undergo treatment if he wanted to.

Overall the introduction of reproductive technologies like ivf Colorado based has altered the idea of family in a positive manner, allowing more options for happiness between couples and among families be reducing the stress and depression among families. This has created happier families because they are given the right to choose what technologies they want to use. There are over six million people in the United States who are currently affected by infertility.

There are options for couples who are infertile such as drugs, which promote ovulation, as well as IVF Colorado based and intra-uterine insemination. The success rates for these remain low. In spite of the problematic low success rates for some of these technologies and the different treatments for men and women, people have the right to choose whether they want to undergo the treatments. Upon selecting the treatments, no harm is caused to the self which they do not want and no harm is caused to others which means that the introduction has positively affected the idea of family.

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