Most people do not know this but a lot of the time that one spends meditating is not effective. Much time is wasted when you get ready to meditate and mistakes are much more common than what you believe now. You have to learn how to do meditation mindfully and avoid the following really common mistakes.


Physical Stress

Yoga is normally great for meditation because of the fact that the combination focuses on both the body and the mind. Having peace of mind is something that will normally highlight if you have a physical balance. Physical stress is something that is highly underrated. You should start some sort of physical discipline and combine it with meditation for the best possible results. That will make everything more effective.

Environmental Stress

Meditation can be negatively affected by funny smells, a lack of privacy and noise, among many others. Whenever you practice meditation, you need to be sure that you have a suitable meditation zone where you will not be bothered and where there is no external stress. You can easily make a quiet space that will allow you to consistently practice.

Having Unfinished Business

If there are many things that are not finished and you have them in the back of your mind, your meditation session will be negative. This is just as you would have a computer that would have too many programs opened at the same time. The solution is to simply make a list of all the unfinished business that you have at the moment. Try to solve as many as possible. When you take the time to do this, you will surely enjoy your new peace of mind.

The Appearance Of Mind Chatter

In the event that the conscious mind is way too chattering, you will find it quite difficult to concentrate on the meditation session. You need to use internal dialogue instead of fighting against its presence.

A good idea is to consider mantra meditation when you find yourself chatting too much with yourself. It is an interesting alternative that helps you to eventually get your mind chatting down.

Energetic Stress

The body does have an energetic field network that is highly sensitive. It can be scrambled or strengthened by what happens around the individual. Because of this, we have meditation that can be made easier or harder. When stress is present for a long period of time, your energetic balance will be affected. The Chinese call this Triple Warmer. An immediate result is finding yourself with a body that is drained from energy.

What you should do in order to get rid of energetic stress is to put the fingertips on top of the temples for a long and deep breath. Breathe in and smooth fingers along head sides. Go up over ear tops and then down towards the area where the shoulder meets the neck.


Meditation is much more than what you do. It is also about what is around you and the mistakes that appear are normally happening without you knowing much about it.

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