Everybody needs to have their personal space and time among the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Some people use their time to jog or go to the gym, others prefer simply to relax. If you like to mediate or just sit and relax, here are some tips to make the perfect space to do just that.


1. Furniture
The less furniture the better. Try making the floor your primary place to sit or lay down. You can use open space to stretch or do yoga. For comfort, get some decorative throw pillows at Nordstrom to sit on or lean against the wall. You don’t need to crowd the room with couches and chairs, think minimal.

2. Lighting
Make the lighting soft and calming. You can have extra lamps for reading, but the primary lights should be low and warm. You can buy special covers in many stores to reduce the intensity of the lights; you can also get special colored bulbs if you like. Whatever you decide, be sure it is relaxing.

3. Scents
Everybody’s taste is different, but there are many options for aromas to suite whatever you like. You can burn incense for an intense smell or just get a bowl of scented oils and bamboo sticks, an ancient and much more subtle approach. For the traditionalist, you can always just get some nice candles. If aromas aren’t your style, just leave it well ventilated.

4. Music
Buy a small stereo system or speakers so you can play some tranquil music or calming sounds as you relax. There are a lot of affordable portable speakers that connect to an mp3 player or phone. Give your space that little extra touch, and buy something with nice sound… you deserve it.

Getting away from work and the business of life is essential to keep your sanity. Having somewhere you can escape to for a few moments of peace and quiet is what a lot of people need. Take our advice as a starting point and see what you come up with. Everyone’s space will be different, so make yours unique to you!nn1nn1

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