Do you struggle to lose weight, burn fat, eat healthy, and stay fit? Marci Lock’s Fat Burning Program has helped many people to make the essential life changes necessary to achieve life-long results. She has gone through this ordeal herself, and brings her knowledge to support others who are ready to undertake the transformational journey of losing weight and staying fit.

Marci is a successful radio and television Fitness and Nutrition Expert. She is an author, a speaker, and a Life Transformation Coach. Through her 90-day at-home program, you will learn her powerful skills-plus-mindset approach which delivers the results that you desire to achieve.

The essential four components of the Marci Lock program are:

  • Nutrition

  • Mindset

  • Skillset

  • Fitness

Her four-part series will help you develop a new relationship with food, where you begin to view food as a healing component of your life. Marci proposes that through this mindset shift, you can begin to make healthier choices, and as a consequence eat like a fat burning machine.

Marci also provides her ‘Eat to be a Fat Burning Machine’ cookbook to all her students. This cookbook incorporates helpful food strategies and teaches you how to cook from scratch.

Her 90-day transformational mind coaching series helps you to break through the barriers of your mind in order to experience lasting results. It is normal to want to return to your old habits within a few days. To prevent this, Marci retrains your subconscious mind through the power of visualization. She provides thirteen meditations that are designed to help you to achieve the mind and body that you desire. Her twenty-six workout videos are fun, and the sixteen travel workouts help you when you are on the road.

Why is This Program So Unique?

The Marci Lock weight loss program for men & women utilizes the strength of the most powerful organ in your body: the mind. Most other programs tend to not emphasize the critical importance of psychology in weight loss and healthy living to the extent that Marci’s does.

The program helps you in breaking down beliefs that you may hold which are preventing you from reaching your goals. The Marci Lock Transformation program helps you to understand yourself and limit any sabotaging behaviors that are responsible for your present state.

The roller coaster suddenly seems to end as you work out with trainers who teach you the step-by-step process of becoming a fat burning machine. The daily mind coaching, nutrition coaching, meditation, and personal accountability will help you to sail smoothly through the entire transformation.

As you near the end of your ninety-day journey, you begin to understand that the program has transformed you completely – both inside and out!

If you are frustrated with the usual suggestions to move more and eat less, it’s time to try something new. Marci Lock’s weight loss program for men & women utilizes the power of your subconscious mind and helps in uncovering a new you. After all, it has been built on The Mind Body Mentor’s own experiences and understanding.

Life is a journey, and the power to live and experience it in the manner you desire lies within you. All that you need is a trusted companion, guide, or mentor who can help you to uncover that power!

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