Is Slimgenics Worth Your Time and Cash?

While you can buy a bottle of diet supplements for just 60 bucks (which is unusually good for two or three-month supply), SlimGenics personalized programs can cost you a couple of thousands! On an average, a client pays $2,000 for several weeks of support. For many, this amount is almost half their salary or even their total income.

So – is it worth the price?

First of all, SlimGenics shouldn’t be compared to weight loss products available in supermarkets today basically because you will not be paying for the supplement alone but for the entire program. Such program is consists of counseling, ready-to-eat meals, supplements, health boosters, and so on. You will be trained by professional weight loss coaches who have years of experience in helping people loose extra pounds

So how much exactly do you need to spend?

Even if you open up all the links in their official website, you’ll never get a clue on what the actual price of SlimGenics is. They’ll never tell you until you sit in front of one of their representatives and talk about your weight loss goals. The cost of the SlimGenics program depends on the individual circumstances of each client. People who are excessively fat and have serious health conditions would necessitate a more comprehensive program that will not put their life at risk as they shed some pounds. The duration of the program is another consideration. The longer clients stay in the program, the more money they will have to pay.

Most SlimGenics clients are provided with food supplements like fish oil, herbs, and energy drinks, and the like. Although clients are not required to purchase all these stuff, you would want to hit your weight loss goals as soon as possible and the only way to do this would be to get those fat burning supplements. But based on online reviews, average consumer spends 2,000 to 3,000 dollars a month. That’s really too expensive for a weight loss program. And unfortunately, not every fat person is willing to spend that much.

SlimGenics justifies the cost by ensuring positive results. They claim that a person can lose up to five pounds a week just by following the program. This price also includes everything you would have to eat in a day, plus the convenience of not having to prepare them, and all the counseling privileges. There have been many positive reviews about SlimGenics. Majority of customers find the program very effective, having seen the results in a very short span of time.

So is it really worth your time and cash?

Well, only you can answer this. If you have the money and time to go through those exercise routines they will ask you to do and attend the counseling sessions, then SlimGenics can be a perfect weight loss strategy. Otherwise, you can stick to other weight loss schemes. You see, losing weight takes a lot of effort, courage, and discipline. And sometimes, it can really be helpful to get some kind of support from the professionals, like SlimGenics.

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