When your child has developed a hernia, you can have the option of correcting it right away. In most cases, hernia surgery can be delayed a bit for children. This is because they may delay in strangulation. Therefore, it would not be recommended for a surgery for children under six months.

In most cases, people will delay hernia correction, since you take the chance of it closing on its own. However, if it will cause discomfort for your child, it is important to go for surgery. Therefore, ensure you get the best surgeon.

Surgery choices

When you choose to have a hernia surgery for your child, there are two main choices. There is open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. It is important to go with the choice that is most comfortable for your child, and the one that is easy to heal. Also, consider the choices along with your budget.

Hospital stay

When your child has had the surgery, they have a few days stay at the hospital. This is especially true for children that were born prematurely. Also, those with other health related complications. It is important to be there as your child wakes up. Some of them need support as they may get upset or get confused. This is as the anaesthesia is wearing off. Depending on your child, they may start taking fluids immediately.

Managing pain

If you took the option to have the Hernia surgery in Surrey, you need to get a plan for pain management. This can be easy for most children. All you have to do is get pain relievers from the hospital. This is mainly within the first 24 hours after the surgery. When the pain is persistent, you may call your doctor or surgeon for the prescription of a better pain reliever.


It is normal to see swelling around the area where there are stitches. This can last for a few weeks since this is the healing ridge. This is where the tissues have been sewn together. You can feel a firm ridge just under the skin. This should not be alarming. You can talk to your surgeon about this before surgery. You will know when it is necessary to raise an alarm.

After the surgery, there is a bit of discomfort. They will, however, start doing more activities slowly as they continue to heal. They will soon be doing the activities they used to enjoy. After the surgery ensure you get them a sponge bath. After the second day after surgery, they can enjoy a full bath. Remember the recovery of your child will depend on the success of the surgery. This will also depend on the expertise and experience of the surgeon. Go for the best.

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