There are two types of electromagnetic fields; natural and artificial. Natural EMFs are good as they help in the normal function of our bodies. They are usually produced by human bodies and the surface of the earth. The dangerous EMFs, on the other hand, are artificial electromagnetic fields. The emission of EMF radiation is produced by electronic devices and appliances when in use. Studies show that artificial EMFs have greatly increased with the latest technology. Today, people are more exposed to EMFs than in the past.

Effects of EMFs

Artificial EMFs are harmful to human life and the environment. There is an ongoing study on the relation between EMFs and the world’s latest diseases such as cancer, stroke and fuel dementia. These EMFs distort the normal functioning of natural EMFs in your body. Among the common effects of the radiations are;

  • Abnormal cell growth

  • Depression

  • Weakened immune system

  • Fatigue

  • Weakness

  • Irregular heartbeat

How to Avoid EMF radiation

Wear pendants

You can avoid direct radiation to your body by wearing something that will repel EMFs from you. You can wear one of the EMF protection jewellery products on the market. These include necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Install EMF shields

There are protection shields that can be installed to lower the effects of EMFs. These shields are designed to reflect EMF radiation away from you. The shields can be installed on laptops, cell phones, microwaves, refrigerators, and televisions among other electronic appliances and devices.

Consider environment-friendly devices and appliances

Although technology has contributed to the high rate of artificial EMFs, there is new technology providing products with lower EMF emissions. For instance, LED, LCD, and plasma TVs are recommendable as they produce less EMF radiation.

Other simple ways to reduce EMF exposure

You may not be able to afford to shield every electrical appliance in your home. However, there are great tips you can consider to stay protected from EMF radiation.

  1. Keep your phone away from your ears. Avoid direct EMFs when calling by keeping your phone about 10 millimetres from the ear.

  2. Avoid home Wi-Fi. Most EMF waves are released when connected via Wi-Fi.

  3. Turn off home devices when they are not in use. This reduces the number of fields released when devices are operating.

  4. Unplug devices and appliances after use.

  5. Try earthing

  6. Avoid Bluetooth headsets

Symptoms of EMF radiation effects may take a long time to be noticed. In fact, some people don’t believe in the severe effects of EMF radiation. The truth is, artificial EMFs are dangerous and if not avoided, can lead to severe diseases and finally death. Protect yourself from this by considering the above tips.

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