How Therapeutic Ultrasound Can Help You

In the past, therapeutic ultrasound was a treatment reserved solely for professional athletes. It was designed to help them prevent injuries and to recover more quickly if they did get hurt. Naturally, athletes are more prone to injuries than other people and this type of treatment proved to be very beneficial.

However, the reality is also that everyday people have a risk of getting injured, and they can enjoy the exact same benefits from this treatment. The devices quickly developed so that athletes could have them at home, and it wasn’t long before they were basically available for the general public. Nowadays, the devices are safe, lightweight, compact and very easy to use. However, before you decide to purchase one, you should at least visit a therapeutic ultrasound Newport Beach professional to find out exactly what the device is, how it works and whether it will benefit you at all.

Indeed, therapists continue to provide these types of service. Often, they will rent or borrow their machines to patients who require daily treatment. This means that their injury will heal quicker and that they are less likely to suffer from recurring injuries.

What Does a Therapeutic Ultrasound Device Do?

Basically, through ultrasound, the tissue underneath the surface of the skin is agitated using sound waves. The frequency is incredibly high, and humans are unable to hear it. Generally, the Hertz ratings are between 80,000 and 2,000,000. Humans can only hear frequencies of up to 20,000Hz. Through the waves, the molecules inside the skin are agitated, with makes the overall tissue around and injury move. This encourages the cells to repair themselves. Different devices have different power settings, with the higher the power, the higher the frequencies tend to be. This is measured in Watts per square centimeter.

What Are the Benefits of This Treatment?

The benefits of ultrasound therapy have been well-defined:

  • It increases blood flow in the area where treatment is applied, thereby speeding up the healing process.
  • It reduces edema and swelling, which is what causes pain.
  • It massages the muscles, ligaments and tendons very gently. This means that repair can take place without any strain.
  • Any scar tissue present in the affected area is softened.

In an interesting development, therapists are now developing phonophoresis. This is the process whereby ultrasound therapy is used in order to administer other types of medicine. Basically, a medicated gel with pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties is applied to the skin. The ultrasound therapy device then massages the affected area, allowing the medicated gel to penetrate the skin much deeper. This allows the healing process to be even quicker and more efficient.

As people are getting to know this type of treatment, home devices are becoming increasingly popular. Active people are particularly prone to purchasing them. This is because they understand that therapeutic ultrasound has a lot of benefits in terms of keeping them fit, healthy and active. Indeed, reducing the length of time it takes for a person to heal means they can also get back to their regular activities quicker.

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