It is well known how traumatic an accident related to fire can be. These cases usually include indescribable pain, terror and in some cases, trauma from which it is not easy to recover.

Burns leave physical and psychological scars and considerable medical expenses that result in loss of income. When a burn is the result of the negligence of another or happens at work, it is possible for the victim to seek compensation.

Financial compensation

In a case of these characteristics, the financial compensation will not erase the physical scars, but it will help to deal with the psychological aspects and will cover the medical expenses that an incident of this type implies.

After suffering an accident of this magnitude, the victim needs rest and time to recover, both physically and psychologically. Dealing with the payment of medical expenses at such a time can only make things worse, which transforms the situation into a drama that none of us deserve to go through.

But obtaining the compensation that corresponds to the victim can become very complicated if you do not have legal help.

The culprits will pretend not to be responsible for their part in the matter, and the insurance liquidators might try to minimise the payment as much as possible.

This is why it is necessary to have a lawyer. If you or a loved one have suffered burns caused by the negligence of another, you need the experience and help of expert lawyers to get you the deserved compensation for burns, which helps you deal with a situation that is already complex.

Expert burn injury lawyers have worked on hundreds of such cases, in which employers, insurance companies, or those responsible, try to take advantage of the weakness of individuals who do not have legal help. If you hire an expert lawyer, they will not be intimidated by the power of large companies, unscrupulous employers, or negligent insurance companies.

Burns at work

When an employee suffers a burn at work, there may be a case for workers’ compensation. Compensation for workers does not pay for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, spousal loss or disfigurement, but, these damages may be compensated by those responsible in some way.

The way in which the law indicates that those responsible must pay for their irresponsibility or incompetence is through economic penalty. This, although it will not solve the problem, will make it less serious because it will cover any medical treatment, time without working, or it will give the victim and/or the family the possibility of improving their financial situation in general.

Financial compensation itself will not solve the problem, but it can potentially open new possibilities in the lives of victims, such as taking a vacation, buying a car, a house, paying for the studies of their children or have savings for the future.

Other cases of burns

Apart from burns that occur at work, claims cases can also involve other types of accidents related to fire and high temperatures:

  • Truck accidents or tanker explosions

  • Car accidents

  • Electrical fires

  • Defective products

  • Closed emergency exits

  • Fires in residential buildings

  • Water and boiling pipes

  • Electrical accidents

  • Fires in recreational places (hotel, restaurant, shop, club, etc.)

  • Beauty treatments involving lasers, hot wax, or chemicals

It is highly recommended that you seek expert legal advice according to the type of burn suffered; for example, if you suffer a burn caused by a beauty treatment such as laser hair removal or a chemical burn while undergoing a hair salon treatment, you should seek a firm of expert beauty treatment solicitors.

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