As you have probably been told time and time again, it’s not just about eating right when it comes to gaining the body you’ve always desired. It’s also about exercising the right amount. But did anyone ever tell you it’s also about the way you exercise? Everybody is different, which means a different routine based on your individual needs will yield best results. Just because running every morning might work for one person, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you too. Before going any further find out which body type you actually are. Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph? Now that you know it’s time to move onto the next common misunderstanding of living healthy and exercise: that it’s not fun. Oh Contrare, my friend! It can be a lot of fun, so long as you pick the right way to do it. Here are the funnest types of exercises based on your body type:

Ectomorph: These are rare but have the hardest time gaining weight, muscle, or anything really. Firstly let’s talk about a warning for your body type: do not indulge in running! Yes, that’s what the others should do but you’re a unique case. Cardio risks burning away at muscle that you need to retain shape, instead of burning fat. So, be careful of that. Strength training should be your very top priority. Here are some fun ways to get into shape for your body type: Go climb a mountain, this will force you to use your arm and leg muscles. Or go hard core at an integrated yoga studio that also teaches meditation for spiritual enlightenment.

Mesomorph: You’re body, when it’s in shape, is pure muscle. When it’s not the fat is there. It’s easy for you to lose weight but also easy to gain it, so be careful here. That being said it’s also easy for you to gain muscle. It’s easy to look toned. So how exactly do you control that delicate balance? Cardio and strength in equality. Here are some fun ways to get into shape for your body type: Take a hike! No, seriously, go take a hike. This is a good combination of cardio and strength training; plus you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Try taking some pole aerobic lessons, it is almost all muscle but still calls on some creative cardio moves!

Endomorphs: Probably most of the people that are looking to lose weight. You gain it easily and it can be hard to get off. For you the main focus should be cardio, cardio, cardio. Just don’t ignore the fact that the occasional strength training session could be beneficial… we want to see some tone once the fat is gone! Here are some fun ways to get into shape for your body type: Shake away your stress at a Zumba class. Like their slogan says, dump the work out and join the party! Or maybe all you really want to do IS party. No problem, dance for an hour straight at your favorite night club. Calories will be gone before the DJ closes out for the night.

By Porscha Black

Porscha Black is a health nut that knows all there is to know about working out, making it fun, and making it work for you.

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