Fruit Trees for a Small Garden

There really is nothing better than fresh fruit. The fresher the better and straight off the tree is the freshest kind possible.

If you can you really should grow your own fruit. You can do so even if you only have a small garden. Here we tell you how.

Buy the right variety

The most important step is to buy the right variety of fruit trees. Some varieties require a lot of space, but there are plenty out there that do not take up much space.


If you buy the right kind of tree, you only need a small area in which to grow several varieties of fruit. The best place to do your research and find the right varieties for your garden is online. Plant retail websites like are a great source of information as well as being a reliable place to buy good quality fruit trees.

Dwarf versions allow you to enjoy a range of fruits. If you choose a Minarette form, and train it properly, you can end up with a single stem that still yields a good crop.


Use the entire space

Using all of the space you have available is a great way of maximising yield from a small garden. Most fruit trees and bushes can be trained to grow against a wall or over a frame. If your garden is south facing, a vine takes up very little space.

Remember to use the space around your trees. Small plants like strawberries can easily grow under most fruit trees especially if you have trained the tree to grow in pole form. To ripen strawberries need sun, so you cannot grow them under a tree that casts too much of a shadow.

Certain fruits like strawberries can even be grown in hanging baskets. Mot fruit trees can easily be grown in pots and containers. You just need to make sure that you choose the right varieties. As well as apples and pears, you can also grow apricots, cherries, figs, peaches, plums and kumquats in pots. You will need quite a big pot, but even a tiny garden will have room for a couple of large pots.

Careful pruning

If you are growing fruit in a small garden, you will need to pay particular attention to pruning and training your trees. It is important to contain the tree in the space that has been assigned to it. You do not want a tree getting out of control and taking light and water from other plants.


Careful maintenance

In a small garden, it is very important to keep on top of pests. They will spread fast in a small space where trees and shrubs are planted close together.

Bear in mind that you are going to want to eat the fruit and that you need to provide a healthy environment for pollinating insects. Therefore, the best approach is to spray, but only do so when you really need to. This means checking your plants every few days for pests and spraying the moment you spot an infestation. Fortunately, this does not take long in a small garden.

As you can see, enjoying a crop of fresh fruit from a small garden is not that difficult. We hope you enjoyed this article and that it inspires you to give growing fruit in a small space a go.

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