You’ve made an excellent step to improving your health and your lifestyle by joining a gym in Dublin, but you’re finding it hard to get off the sofa and go. It’s a common problem, getting motivated is not easy for everyone. You’re probably wondering if it’s worth putting down your smartphone and stopping browsing online and dragging yourself to work out, which is why we’ve got five reasons to persuade you that it is totally worth doing.

Do One Thing each day that Your Future Self will Thank you for

A good motto to follow in life is the one you’ve just read. Always aim to do something each day that your future self will thank you for. Your body will thank you for peeling your backside off the sofa and going to work out. You’ll feel the buzz of the workout today and if you keep up the good work you’ll end up fitter and stronger for years to come. Strengthening the body helps you to fight off illnesses, you won’t weaken in your old age and you’ll maintain a healthy body weight, and perhaps lose those pounds that you’ve struggled with up to this point.

You’ll Improve Your Love Life

Working out is an excellent way of improving your confidence and your energy levels. As a result you’ll feel happier and even sexier too. You’ll feel energised when talking to your partner when you get home and perhaps have that extra bit of energy for some special time together. Your confidence will also increase over time as you’re able to fit into your favourite dress or hit the beach wearing that bikini that’s been sat in your drawer for the longest time. Personal happiness and confidence improves relationships with everyone around you.

You’ll Sleep Well

Exercise is ideal for those who find it difficult to fall or stay asleep. Your body will be worn out naturally, scrapping the need to use any medication. You’ll enjoy the endorphins and then you’ll be ready to settle your head down on your soft pillow and sleep until dawn. Exercise is also an amazing stress buster, so go and relieve your tension and those worries will melt away into the distance, allowing you to have a worry free sleep.

You’ll Boost Your Self-Esteem

By heading to the gym you’ll be left feeling happier that you’ve done something positive today. Working out is for no one else but yourself, so you should feel proud of your achievement. You’ll feel good knowing that you’re working towards your goals and that you’ve avoided yet another night doing nothing more than chatting to people on Facebook or indulging in some online shopping. Give your self-esteem a boost, get up and go to

There’s Plenty of Things to Do

The great thing about Dublin gyms is the variety of exercise that’s available. You might not fancy lifting weights today but a good run on the treadmill might release that tension. Put some music on and head on out and work out exactly how you want to work out. Use the best equipment or have a look to see what fitness classes are running – perhaps it’s a good day to try something new.


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