Five Major Health Concerns You Face By Avoiding the Dentist

Whether you are afraid to visit the dentist or simply too busy, avoiding regular dental care can have severe ramifications on your health. While it is true that lack of dental care can make you far more likely to lose your teeth, there are other risks you can avoid by scheduling regular checkups.

Oral Cancer

Age is consider the third largest risk factor for this issue, after smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages regularly. Also, the effects of advanced oral cancer can be extremely disfiguring, making early detection very important. Regular visits to your dentist’s office can catch any abnormalities before they have a chance to spread into the surrounding tissues.


The bacteria and plaque that build up on your teeth need to be removed before it can grow and harbor bacteria. While it is true that some bacteria is normal, too much of it can lead to dense plaque deposits that can then get into the bloodstream by way of any open sores or bleeding gums. These deposits can then build up on the lining of your circulatory system. A chunk of it can break off and lodge itself in the brain, which can bring on a life-threatening stroke.

Blood Infections

While a lot of dental problems are painful, some can go unnoticed. If you haven’t paid a visit to any Palm Bay dentists recently, you could have abscesses or gum infections with only minor discomfort or no warning at all. The infection can then work its way into your bloodstream, where it can attack your heart, liver, lungs, brain, or other essential organs. Your dentist will be able to spot and treat these issues before they become dangerous through routine care and maintenance exams.

Respiratory Illness

Should you have an excess of harmful bacteria in your mouth, these germs can make their way down into your lungs. Pneumonia and abscesses in the lungs are a real concern if you have undetected dental issues. What’s worse is that both illnesses have the potential to scar your lungs for life, leading to decreased lung capacity and further risk of infection.

Digestive Issues

Since food is first processed by chewing, your entire digestive tract can be in danger if you forgo your regular dental exams. There is some evidence that stomach ulcers can be exacerbated to critical levels by both poor chewing and exposure to infectious germs from the mouth. If you have a hard time chewing your food, you are also making it harder for your stomach and intestines to break your food down into the nutrients your body needs.

While these issues can be very alarming, the vast majority of them can be avoided by seeing your dentist regularly. Taking care of your smile is an important aspect of your overall health.

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