Finding the Motivation to Overcome Addiction through Social Media

Social networking now reaches into most aspects of people’s daily lives. They check the weather, chat with friends, read the news, find new recipes, and more each time they log into their Facebook, Twitter, or other social media page. It makes sense, then, that more people are finding the motivation they need to overcome their drug and alcohol addictions by relying on social media. They can learn more about their addictions, follow the success stories of others, and ultimately resolve to get help for themselves when they follow the pages of facilities like Morningside Recovery Center.


Sometimes these initial page views work to initiate people’s determination to get help. The first few times they check out the news feed, it may be just to find out if they are indeed addicted to marijuana, alcohol, or another drug. They may click on the links posted on the feed that will then take them to news sites that have more in-depth stories. When they click on the news feed stories as well, they can learn how the drugs affect their bodies and their lives. Seeing an objective story about why drugs are bad, particularly a story posted on a popular social networking site, can be enough motivation to convince people to contact the facility.


People may also use the news feed as a daily means of motivation to keep themselves on track with their recoveries. The news feed may contain motivational quotes or pictures that remind people of why it is important that they commit to themselves and their recoveries. Without these quotes and pictures, people may forget that others have gone before them through this same struggle and have made it out on the other side with their lives and their dignity intact.


Social networking sites like Twitter can also provide essential contact information that people would otherwise be unable to find if they did not have a phone book handy. They can use the contact information provided through the social media page to make contact with the facility and find out how they can get help for their addictions. While Twitter may have been designed as a way to network, have fun, and share information with others, it has also proven to be a successful tool in the fight to keep people sober. Addicts can take the first steps to get help by checking out social media pages online.


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