One of the most common downsides of aging is losing volume in our faces, especially around the area of our lips and mouth. With age, our face starts losing its youthfulness that they once had and this is when people start worrying about looking older. Although both men and women experience this, women are usually more concerned about their looks than men. This loss of volume starts occuring because our gums start receding and they stop supporting our mouth like they used to. Most women start worrying about it when this happens and hence they lose their confidence. This is when they resort to plastic surgery, Botox injections and costly anti-aging creams. Some others try to get enough sleep, start using sunscreen lotions and quit smoking in order to bring some positive changes to their health conditions.

Little do they realize that these cosmetic solutions won’t offer long term results but yet they come with an expensive price tag. On the other hand, the natural methods are safe and if they’re followed regularly, this can definitely slow down the process of aging. The AngelLift Dermastrips are one such option. This beauty tool allows you to correct your wrinkles by seeking the comfort of your home, without having to go under the knife or making a hole in your wallet.

Dermastrips as an innovative anti-aging tool

The Dermastrips come in three different categories like Prescriptive, Professional and Personal. Prescriptive is the one that can only be custom fitted by an AngelLift dentist. It temporarily attaches to the rear molars and it can be comfortably worn throughout the day. You can carry on with all facial activities while wearing it. The Professional Dermastrips allows you to adjust the lift pressure and is semi-tailored to your specific facial contours. The Personal Dermastrips is the most popular among all their products and this can be placed either across the lower gumline or the upper gumlinein the comfort of your own home.

Are Dermastrips safe to be used orally? What are they composed of?

This is a common question as people are concerned about its safety since they insert the strip within their mouth. Each strip is made from surgical grade resin and it’s flexible, soft and hypoallergenic, too. When you purchase Dermastrips, you get two reversible Dermastrips and a designed case for hygienic storage.

How long may it take to be effective?

Generally, you can see noticeable results within 30- 60 days from the first use, provided you store it properly. Just like you could replace a toothbrush, AngelLift suggests you replace your Dermastrips every 60 days.

So if the signs of aging bother you, don’t fret; you’re not alone. There are thousands of other women who are going through the same thing. Just take action, and get yourself a pair of Dermastrips. Start using them to get the best anti-aging results as soon as possible.

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