Cosmetic Surgeries That Make Your Smile Beautiful

A great smile is easy to notice. It is attractive due to the right proportion of the face, the teeth and the individual’s appearance as a whole. When it comes to your teeth, this refers to the balance between their length and width. Now, whenever you smile and something seems to be different, your teeth are not balanced. It is easy to show off your smile when you have a balanced set of teeth. Even when you don’t have this feature, there are cosmetic surgeries that can provide a solution.

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Factors that affect a smile and Cosmetic surgery Solutions

Gummy smile

Some individuals show more of their gums rather than their teeth whenever they are smiling. They feel that their teeth are too short or their gums are covering most of them, especially in front where they are more visible. This can be addressed with dental crown lengthening. This procedure is done by removing excess gum tissue to enable the crown of the tooth to be more exposed.


Exposure of roots

Gums that recede due to some factors like gum disease have the tendency of exposing the roots of your teeth. This lets your teeth appear to be longer, making you look older than your real age. You can find a solution in root coverage procedures and gum graft surgery. These can cover exposed roots, reduce gum recession, and protect exposed roots from decay. Root coverage grafting can likewise prevent the erosion of the root’s surface which can further develop when it is often exposed to brushing of teeth, the abrasive formula of toothpaste, and compressing forces.


Indentations in gum and jawbone

Tooth loss can cause the jawbone to recede as it no longer has a tooth to hold in place. This results to an indentation in the jawbone and gums where the tooth was formerly located. This defect can be filled in by means of ridge augmentation. This can bring back the natural contour of your jaw and gums. Then you can have a new tooth created. This is easy to clean and will look beautiful, but above all, it will look natural.



Individuals with less than perfect teeth can find a solution in cosmetic surgeries like dental crown lengthening, root coverage grafting, or ridge augmentation, depending on the dental problem, which needs to be addressed. With the satisfying results they receive, they will always have something to smile about.

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