Are your drinking habits affecting your sex life?

Most of us enjoy a tipple from time to time and drinking small amounts of alcohol is not a problem. It’s when alcohol consumption starts to creep up and people find themselves regularly exceeding the recommended limits that alarm bells should ring. Drinking to excess can result in a range of problems. It can harm people’s careers, cause problems with friends and family members and get in the way of a healthy sex life. The following signs are all telltale indications that your drinking habits are affecting your sex life.


Difficulty getting an erection

Too much alcohol can cause problems in getting and maintaining an erection. It’s now possible to get treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED). For example, you can request prescriptions for Viagra from Lloyds Pharmacy. However, these medicines are less effective if you take them when you are drinking and they should not be seen as a solution to alcohol-related ED.


Reduced sensitivity

Related to this point, excessive drinking can reduce both men’s and women’s sexual sensitivity. It can make it more difficult to have an orgasm or make orgasms less intense. It can also cause women to experience reduced lubrication.


Fertility problems

The over-consumption of alcohol can also have an impact on your fertility. In women, it can cause imbalances in the hormones that control reproduction. Meanwhile, men who drink more than three to four units per day risk damaging their sperm.


Lower fitness levels

Too much booze can take its toll on your fitness and general health too. If you lack energy, you’re less likely to be able to enjoy an active sex life. Alcohol can also cause you to put on weight, and this may dent your body confidence and mean you can’t enjoy sex as much.


More arguments

On a more general level, excessive drinking can cause problems in relationships and drive a wedge between partners. If you regularly have arguments with your partner about your drinking habits, or issues related to alcohol, you risk damaging the bond you share. In turn, this can translate into problems in the bedroom.


Take action

If you decide that alcohol is getting in the way of your sex life, it’s time to take action. By reducing your intake, you should find your sex life improves and you feel fitter and healthier overall.

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