In order to get a healthy body, you will need fulvic acid. Now the question is what this fulvic acid really is? People who categorize various useful items under vitamin A to E could not put these fulvic acids into any of this category. The trace mineral that this acid contains is very critical to our health and the growth of our body and therefore in order to explain about fulvic acids we need to discuss about the mineral that is contained by fulvic acids.

What are these trace minerals?

Such minerals are generally found in various rocks and ores, which are considered as salt of this earth. These minerals present in the soil also feed the plant that we eat or the animal that we eat also must be eating them. Nowadays by using various pesticides and fertilizers we have killed natural quality of the soil. Therefore, the corps that we are getting is nothing but junk. Due to mineral deficiencies our body is being affected.

Many health food industries have however come out various mineral supplements as a quick fix. However, that does not contain the real material that we actually need.

Then what is fulvic acid?

We can put it this way, the fulvic acid is one that can help in transporting nutrients into our body cells. There is hardly any benefit to our body, if it is mineralized without any presence of folic acid.

There are endless benefits of folic acid. Folic acid has following properties:

  • Detoxifier

  • Antioxidant

  • Digestive agent

  • Enzyme activator

  • Natural electrolyte

It not only affects our body physically, but mentally as well. It optimizes our energy, and hence you will not overeat and also detoxifies our body from harmful nicotine and hence we will prefer to smoke less.

It can also improve our libido, restore our hair, reduce the need for antibiotics and various cognitive improvements. It can also heal the following

  • Athlete’s foot

  • Eczema

  • Open wounds

  • Burns

  • Poison ivy

  • Insect bites

What it is made of?

Fulvic acids are formed by various microorganisms, which are created from decomposing flora for millions of years and were present in various plants that we ate. However, due to industrialization this crucial microbial activity has destroyed due to the presence of various chemicals used for killing bugs to increase the yield. By eating unhealthy crops and foods we are more vulnerable to diseases and sicknesses.

Sources of fulvic acid

How can you get this acid in your diet? Simplest way is by considering few organic vegetables like radishes, potatoes, which grow deeply into the soil. Another good source of this acid is organic blackstrap molasses and sweetener that comes from unprocessed sugarcane whose roots are generally 2 to 5 yards inside the earth. It can also be found in shilajit that can be found in Asian mountain ranges.

How this acid is like?

In pure form, it is odorless and yellow in color. It may not have any taste and only impure or chemical version of this acid has taste.

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