5 Foods for New Denture Wearers

Dentures can take a while to get used to and while they provide a lot of freedom, there are some foods that new denture wearers should avoid such as steak and chewing gum. Anything chewy or hard should be avoided along with toothpicks, and cutting food into manageable bite size pieces is ideal.

It is important for new denture wearers to get used to eating with dentures and this means you will need to practice chewing slowly on both sides of your mouth. This will help to keep the new teeth in place as tipping and dislodging are both common problems for new wearers. Food should be cut into small, bite size pieces and denture adhesive will also help them to stay in place.

Check out this list of the top five types of food that are great for new denture wearers to eat:

  1. Soups
  2. Smoothies
  3. Boiled vegetables and soft fruits
  4. Fish
  5. Well cooked pasta

The great thing about eating soups and smoothies is that it’s easy to get all of the vitamins and goodness from vegetables and fruit without having to chew or bite down on a hard carrot or a crunchy apple, and there is no need to worry these foods getting stuck. Fish is soft to eat, so chewing is kept to a minimum and well cooked pasta and boiled vegetables are also simple to munch on.

Here are some tasty yet simple meals for new denture wearers to try:

Steamed salmon with boiled peas and mashed potato

Pasta with a pesto, cream or tomato sauce

Carrot, tomato, leek and watercress, broccoli and stilton or pumpkin soup

Vegetable or fish curry with rice

Boiled eggs with bread soldiers

Hummus with cottage cheese and steamed cooled carrots

Tuna salad with soft boiled eggs, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado and soft sweetcorn

The problem for many new denture wearersis finding meals that are easy to gnaw on without being flavourless. The trick is to add spices and herbs to different meals to give a more intense flavour. This is easy to do when making soups, curries and pasta dishes and you can add sauces and dressings to bland salads to make them more appetising.

As you get used to your new teeth, you should gradually move onto more solid foods and use denture adhesive to avoid slippage. A range of different products which can be applied to the dentures to keep them in place and also to clean them after a day’s wear. It’s imperative not to rush back into old eating habits as it will take time and patience to create a technique that allows you to bite down with your new dentures.


  1. It definitely seems like a good idea for new denture wearers to avoid foods that are too hard. I think that it would be great for denture wearers to start out with liquid foods. I can definitely agree that soups and smoothies are a good idea. This would be a great way to help these people get used to eating with dentures.


  2. Thanks for the great list! My grandmother is looking into getting dentures, and I know that one of her concerns is that everything is going to be bland from here on out (she’s always been a bit of a foodie). But you’re right–something like curry is definitely edible while also being flavorful. I’ll share this list with her, and hopefully that will help assuage some of her fears.


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